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Meharry Community Engagement Core

The Meharry Community Engagement Core connects community members and organizations with Meharry researchers to conduct research and share results that will improve health for communities that experience the poorest health outcomes.

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To combine the passion, knowledge, and skills of community partners and academic researchers to carry out research, share research results, and put into practice research findings that advance health equity and improve health for communities that experience the poorest health outcomes.

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Our Vision

  • Identify Community Stakeholder interest and priorities.

  • Use community guidance in Priority Setting and Implementation.

  • Engage Community Stakeholders as research Partners, Research Advisors, and Research participants.

  • Use research dissemination to create trust in research and increase perceived research advantages.

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About Us.

Meharry Medical College (Meharry) is well-known for its service to African Americans, other racial and ethnic minorities, and underserved populations. Meharry focuses on improving health equity and reducing health and health care disparities through patient care, medical education, and research initiatives.

Founded in 1876 and chartered in 1915, it is the first medical school dedicated to the education of African Americans in the Southern United States.

As one of the nation’s oldest HBCUs and academic health science centers, Meharry educates health care providers, medical, dental, and biomedical researchers and public health and health policy experts.

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Researchers Spotlight

Read a collection of articles curated by our brilliant researchers at the link below.


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